Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tagxedo is amazing

Not so much an "alternative" to Wordle as much as "Wordle - the next generation". It's a leap forward both in the layout algorithms (which permit sophisticated shape-filling) and the design of the tweaking interface. It's very unusual to find a programmer who has both the sophisticated algorithmic know-how and the keen sense of user-centered design that Hardy Leung exhibits. He clearly has had an eye on the various warts in Wordle, and has addressed them with energy and determination. I wish him and his project(s) well. Go check it out!


Coloroke said...


I'm Hardy Leung and thanks for the very kind words you said about Tagxedo. Wordle, which helped popularized the art of words to the mass, is *the* inspiration behind Tagxedo. Thanks for your willingness to share and emphasis on Wordle being an educational tool. My first few feedbacks were mostly from educators. Their excitement and enthusiasm about finding a new way to help their kids learn truly made my day.

I always feel comfortable with software and algorithms (I worked in an industry that requires a lot of that), but the design experience has been humbling and I struggled dearly just to not be totally embarrassed. A sigh of relief hearing what you said, though I know there is still much room for improvement.

Thanks again, and hope you have a wonderful tenure at Google.

-- Hardy Leung (

Warren Piece said...

I just finished writing on my blog on Wordle. I guess I will have to look up Tagxedo to write about this one as well too. Very interesting stuff.

KNL said...

Interesting about Tagxedo. Unfortunately for me right now, the Tagxedo site says it doesn't work on Linux (due to it being implemented in Silverlight, and Mono/Moonlight on Linux is "abandoned"). It looks like with Ubuntu 12.10 I could try the Firefox plugin for Moonlight but I would have to "disable compatibility checks" in Firefox.

Lynne Carothers said...

Be sure to check thei Terms of Service as they are far more restrictive than Wordle.