Monday, September 21, 2009


Many folks have asked for a Wordle that fits into a shape. Others have asked for “clickable” Wordles, which could be used for navigation. I’m happy to say that someone (who identifies himself only as “Alex”) has created a service that meets both of those needs. I’m not endorsing his site; I’m just letting folks know about it.


It requires signing up with either a new Tagul account, or via some OpenID provider, so I can’t provide a demo here. As you might have guessed from the way Wordle works, I don’t like signing up for toys.


Luka said...

Clickable Words in your wordles would be great, particulary for bloggers. However, I don't like Tagul's idea of registering before using either nor do I need specific shapes. Actually I prefer wordles random shapes.

Suella said...

Well, I really like Tagul's ideas (customisable shape & clickable links), as I've found that people expect to be able to click on links in clouds. And the ability to load an image that suits the context of the word cloud is really clever. However, Tagul is not as easy to use as Wordle.