Monday, October 27, 2008

Wordle Advanced

Many users have asked for a way to use Wordle as sort of an output device for more sophisticated text analyses, so I give you Wordle Advanced.

There you'll find a couple of forms for pasting your word-weight data. One form also expects colors, as hex numbers. So now, if you've done, say, a Dunning log-likelihood analysis of some text versus a normative corpus, you can get a Wordle of the result, and you could even assign your own colors based on parts of speech, or relative frequency within the source document, what have you.

Use in good health.


Anonymous said...

Used Wordle for the first time today while working on a "stage-gate" illustration for a new innovations program launch that I've been leading. (

Nice to see (and experience) old friends doing great work.

Warm regards, Mike-from-Iowa

ToonCat said...

Now that would have saved me a lot of messing about with lists in Excel to get weightings right! Thank you - belatedly!

Paul Marculescu said...

I just came across Wordle and I find it really neat and quite useful. Making a business/personal card is one of the uses I found for Wordle Advanced.

It was fun to even make a blog post about Wordle, which I named 5 options for text delight with Wordle.

Thanks for the tool! :)