Friday, June 27, 2008

New layout options

The “Layout” menu now lets you choose the overall shape of the Wordle cloud: straight(er) or round(er) edges. These shapes become especially apparent in Wordles with many words, more than a couple hundred. Play with the new settings, and see what you like.

One good strategy is to wail on the new “Randomize” button, which will automaticaly apply new color, font, and layout settings.

Remember that you can undo everything you do. It’s safe to try things, even if you have a layout you like.

Other settings you may have missed: maximum words, prefer alphabetical order. These have a profound impact on the result.


Anonymous said...

One thing I've noticed is that sometimes a word will be repeated in a Wordle. I just made one that has 'house' in it twice.

I'm wondering where capitalization or font styling may cause this (Some of the words in the source text were struck out).

I wouldn't call this a 'bug', but I'm curious as to the cause.

Jonathan Feinberg said...

Wordle considers "House" and "house" to be different words. You can control this with settings under the "language" menu.

paolability said...

It'd be good to choose which of layout, font and colour to randomise.

Sometimes I like a colour and font and just want to randomise the layout. Or other times, just the font.