Friday, June 20, 2008

Keeping words together

Several people have written to me to ask whether they could keep certain words together, as in "The Who", or "Chevy Chase". I was about to compose a FAQ entry saying, "Sorry, no," when I decided instead to at least make it possible.

You'll need to generate the Unicode "non-breaking space" character, \u00A0, and place it between words you wish to keep joined. How you generate that character is operating system-specific. perhaps users can leave tips for each other here.


Unknown said...

A good resource on this topic for Persian language could be found here (the text is in English):

Jonathan Feinberg said...


Thanks for the link. I have added the "zero-width non-joiner" as a legitimate word character, along with the non-breaking space.


Unknown said...

A ripe opportunity for someone to pop together a script to take the desired text and a list of phrases to keep together, then regex them and replace the spaces with the requisite character, ready for feeding to Wordle.

Anonymous said...

Alt + 0160

marshal said...

Jonathan at 72 years old and an avid collector of experiences, the Worble fascinates me ! have been a student of general semantics for years and followed S I Hayakawa and Antole Rapaport and read ETC religiously ! Worble has tremendous educational value ! I am not a Teche but I feel you have created a learning tool for language ! To me it is as relevant as the science behind Google which is every-man's encyclopedia ! I congradulate you for
educating through technology!

Anonymous said...

Great tool!!!
Wikipedia has some keyboard entry methods

ALT+0160: Microsoft Windows
CTRL+K N S: vim (see vim digraphs)
CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE: Microsoft Word
CTRL+SPACE: WordPerfect,
Insert | Symbol dialog box (Latin-1 subset, after ~): many office applications


Varun Parekh said...

Use Alt+255 instead of the space bar when entering text directly into Wordle to include phrases (i.e. multiple words separated by spaces).

I just used it successfully.