Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Think I Understand

Wordle now guesses which Unicode block your text mostly inhabits, chooses an appropriate font to start with, and emphasizes suitable fonts in the font menu. Detected blocks include Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek and Coptic, Hebrew, Basic Latin, and the various Latin Supplements and Extensions. The Arabic block includes the whole Farsi (Persian) alphabet.

More and better Farsi fonts are coming soon, thanks to my frequent correspondent and personal authority on Farsi orthography, Alireza Farrokhi.


JLH said...

Jonathan, thank you for this nice site. And zow -- every minute people are putting things up, it seems! It's great fun, and I hope you keep having fun and developing it. Hope it's spring in Massachusetts by now.

Jonathan Feinberg said...

Thank you. It's way too late for Spring; it's full-blown, muggy summer.